ShakShuka Sundays

Shakshuka! Many countries stake claim to the origin of this Spicy Tomato and Baked eggs stew. From Israel to Yemen and North Africa there are several variants of the Shakshuka as a hearty breakfast or brunch staple

After a few attempts here’s a dish that’s been perfected (that’s what hubby said). The key to excellent shakshuka is fresh and juicy ingredients particularly the vegetables. Canned Organic plum tomatoes make the perfect base with crunchy bell peppers, harissa and feta. Here’s my shakshuka recipe for a weekend Brunch

Raw Mango Dal

Willing to try a new raw mango recipe this year? Raw Mango Dal! Some say it’s from the south, others say it’s from the east, I say it’s the way to a tangy tasty meal ! Raw Mangoes are typically used to make this spicy and soupy dal with split pea lentils. It’s really easy to…

Moringa Fruit /Drumstick Sambar (Tangy Lentil Soup)

In every South India household there are traditional recipes passed down from generations. Sambar was almost a religion in the home I grew up. The recipe of the sambar powder was closely guarded by my grandma and passed to my mom who still makes it in fresh batches and hasn’t shared that recipe with a soul. I’m not giving the secret recipe away, but there are are several other ingredients that balance a Sambar perfectly so here goes the recipe for Drumstick Sambar paired with dosa this week.

Creamy Veggie Ramen Soup

We are definitely #hopelessramentic when it comes to Vegan Ramen, our house favorite for a lipsmacking Asian Meal. Tried a few new tricks for today’s Ramen recipe. The tahini was an excellent substitute for the Japanese Neri Goma for a creamy and nutty soup. Happy Sunday folks ! What you need : 1 full cup finely diced…

Tangy Peanut Coriander Chutney

I have been testing some new chutney combinations You can dish this up, under 15 minutes. All you need is : 200g of unsalted roasted peanuts 1 inch ginger 1 clove garlic 2 green chili padi 20g fresh coriander or cilantro, 1 date 1 tbsp tamarind pulp Salt to taste Blend the ingredients together in…

Homemade Basil Pesto

When you end up with such a #healthy crop of#sweetbasil, it would be a pity to just let it be. For all those who love a good pesto, if you are wondering how to make a fresh batch with the preservative-free goodness of a homemade recipe, IT’s INCREDIBLY EASY! Here’s a 5 ingredient pesto that’s ready in…

Roasted Coconut Chutney

This week’s recipe is a simple Roast Coconut Chutney! Coconut chutneys are delicious but have an extremely short shelf life especially in warm and humid climates. Here’s a way to savour this chutney for more than just a day and is a cross between the Srilankan Sambal and South Indian chutney Ingredients:  100g of grated…

Baked Vegetable Manchurian

Manchurian, The star of Indian Chinese cuisine (its nothing like Chinese cuisine although it is influenced by Hakka immigrants to India). I tried making a baked veggie variant of this very popular crispy fried veggie meatballs and it’s so addictive. I remember gorging on this dish as a kid although the spice always got me….