Original Sin

Mediterranean brings many images to the mind; the sea, sun and the diversity of culinary cultures associated with it. Original Sin, nestled in Holland Village has been quite a sought after dining spot, despite it being vegetarian. With an excellent wine list and an extensive menu ranging from mezzes to moussaka, it truly delights non-meat lovers and meat-lovers alike. imageThis time around as we were a large group we managed to try quite a few specials on the menu. The Turkish flat bread and Zeppole (Corn fritters) set the pace for an evening dedicated to dining. Racing ahead with the mains we ordered Filo pastry (a house special), Moussaka, Lasagna Rossa and the Supremo pizza. Filo has always been my favorite and this time I discovered a new love, moussaka. Baked egg-plant layers finely balanced with lentils gave it a wholesome unexpected twist. The meatless lasagna definitely shattered a few myths. I loved the mains, but it did leave us wanting for more, so a bigger portion would have been welcome. Original Sin is a must do, perfect for wining and dining with friends. Budget: $25- $30/ dish Reservations recommended Website: http://originalsin.com.sg/

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